About Us

The Treasure Chest was created in 1979, back in the days when printed neighborhood resident directories were a thing.

Once or twice a year a neighborhood printed and delivered a booklet listing everyone who lived in the neighborhood. You could look up your neighbor in the book and get their home telephone number, learn all about them-where they were from, where they worked, what their hobbies were, and their kids’ names. You could say that these directories were the predecessor of Facebook on a neighborhood scale, they helped people in the community connect. Well, the Sweetwater Homeowners directory was such a hit that local businesses started calling and asking if they could help cover the cost of the printing by placing an ad in the directory. Within a very short period of time the ‘volunteer created’ resident directory turned into a real business, selling ads for other local businesses. Residents relied on the Treasure Chest when they needed to find local services, get news out about an event, or just advertise their garage sale.

For over forty years the Treasure Chest was delivered every single week to residents’ driveways in the Apopka, Wekiva, Sweetwater areas by a crew of delivery drivers-some drivers delivered each week for almost the entire forty years! Everyone counted on getting the Treasure Chest and replacing the previous week’s edition on the kitchen counter. Using rotating paper colors, it was easy to know if there was a new edition out. But, in 2022 it became apparent that times had changed and less people wanted the paper thrown in their driveway each week, so the decision was made to start delivering the Treasure Chest through the United States Postal Service every other week.

Everything has a silver lining though, and reducing the number of delivery dates allowed for more papers to be printed and mailed. Deliveries at least doubled, and in some areas they actually tripled. More people than every before now receive the Treasure Chest! So, today, the Treasure Chest delivers to at least 11,150 addresses twice monthly in each area.

To this day, local businesses know they can count on the Treasure Chest to get the local exposure they need, and local residents know they can find just about any service they need in the Treasure Chest. At the Treasure Chest we’re proud be providing a ‘Simple, Affordable, & Effective’ service to both business owners and the residents of our community.