Reach The Most Desirable Areas Of Seminole & NW Orange Counties!

We publish to each area TWICE MONTHLY for faster results!

A freshly designed layout is delivered more than 22,000 times per month in each area through the United States Postal Service

Sweetwater & Apopka, FL

We deliver to over 11,000 homes in the greater Sweetwater and Apopka area TWICE MONTHLY!

The Springs, Sabal Point, Sweetwater, Sweetwater Country Club areas, Wekiva/Hunt Club area, Sandlake Rd. area, Welch Rd. area, Errol Estates area, etc…

Ad Submittal Deadlines

The Sweetwater/Apopka Edition is delivered on the first and the third Thursday of each month.
The deadline for each issue is the Tuesday of THE WEEK BEFORE DELIVERY, at 9am (9 days before delivery date)

*Papers are usually delivered on Thursday, but may vary based on the Post Office workload.